I help forward-thinking brands succeed in their digital presence by creating efficient digital marketing campaigns.

My name is Abed Jrab and I have started "The Share of Voice" to express the digital evolution happening in the Middle East and its impact on businesses around us!
To tell you more about myself; I live in Lebanon and work with brands in the MENA region. I am a digital marketing consultant, strategist, trainer and blogger with experience in SEO, SEM, Social Media and I offer digital marketing workshops. My job is to build cool things for my clients and sometimes for myself as well. I started "The Share of Voice" to share my lessons, best practices and help people build their own online businesses. I always strive to help people do it on their own, that's why I am so passionate when giving training on digital and social media topics and hands-on digital activities.

For businesses, I love to help them build their empire and develop their online presence through the digital services I offer and online marketing courses. To be honest I am just amazed with what this industry has to offer with these cool technologies, inventions and startups. Join me and lets get you started down the path you really want today.

Setup, Management and Marketing Expert

Digital Marketing Instructor - Lecturer in SEM, SEO and Digital Display Ads

Digital Marketing Manager

Professional Diploma in
Digital Marketing

Adwords Search Certified

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Abed Jrab

Certified Digital Marketing Professional

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