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Finally Instagram introduces PROMOTE button from in-app

Today, instagram represent a large share of voice from active people online, which is driving businesses to invest more and reach more of their fans. Advertising on Social Media is becoming a must have, specially on Facebook and instagram which are the most popular networks in Middle East.

Few weeks ago it was a bit frustrating when we needed to create an ad, since we have to access Facebook advertising tool and launch campaigns from there. Today, it is possible to create and launch the ad from your own mobile using instagram with the in-app "Promote" button feature that is facilitating this process.

Definitely through Facebook we will be having the option of more sophisticated and more targeted campaigns thanks to the Ads Manager, but in my opinion promoting posts through instagram will fasten the process of advertising, for a quicker reach in an easy, friendly setup for everyone.

Watch the steps for reference:

1. Press on PROMOTE button


2. Select you call to action:



3. Choose your target audience:


4. Choose your budget and decide on how many days to advertise:


5. Review your ad and select your payment method: