Free Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop

Free Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop - 28 September, 2017

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The workshop

Welcome to my workshop registration page, as you noticed I am conducting a FREE digital marketing strategy workshop, yes a FREE workshop with no financial commitments, the only commitment needed is your time, attention and willigness to succeed in your digital marketing. This Digital Marketing Strategy workshop covers an overview of how to begin on digital channels. Before even starting any digital campaign or digital communication you must have a strategy in place which will define your activities, your target audience and the results you wish to achieve. In this workshop you will learn why you need a digital strategy, how to build it and mostly how to maintain this strategy to reach your digital success. (Limited to 50 seats)

What's included

As the title say: digital marketing strategy, here's the main topics that will be discussed along with many more:

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy

Why you need a digital marketing strategy

Introducing RACE Planning System

Developing personas

Setting SMART objectives

Online Value Proposition

Free Ebook Giveaway (Blogging the smart way, Jeff Bullas)

Many other resources to be shared

Live examples

Who's this workshop for

Business owners

Marketing professionals

Content marketers

Digital marketers



Any professionals/Enthusiasts desiring to know more about digital

Time & Location

Date: Thursday 28 of September 2017
Time: 6:00 to 9:00 pm
Location: Warwick Palm Beach Hotel, Phoenicia Street, Beirut, Lebanon
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Workshop fees: FREE

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About Abed Jrab

A quick brief

I am an Inbound Marketing & Google Certified professional with more than 7 years of experience in Digital Marketing. Throughout my career I have always been interested in attending seminars & workshops which I thought they will be of benefit to my learning path. It turned out that most of them was already acquired information, too general and with lack of real life examples. After completing my Professional Digital Marketing Diploma I was hoping to start teaching because I thought I can deliver something better than what is available out there. After completing my diploma I started teaching at Morgan International and discovered my real passion towards digital. Now that I am in control of the material/information delivered and since everything is available nowadays, what really matters in my opinion is how can I help students and professionals make use of digital at work.

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Aya Ghuneim

Marketing Coordinator at Premium Partners

"Abed is someone very passionate about digital & adding to that his teaching skills are very professional, fun & memorable!"

Reine El Halaby

Marcom Executive at Kurban Group

"Excellent know-how and interpersonal skills!"

Tala El Kadi

Projects Coordinator at British Council

"Abed is extremely knowledgeable in his field and is continuously updating himself with all the new trends in digital media and online marketing. He is also a very effective trainer where he succeeds in teaching his colleagues and team mates all the tips and tricks."

Ali Al Chami

Head of Quality at Shahed Pharm

"Abed is a fun person to work with, and he is always helpful and insightful."