Welcome to The Share of Voice, your partner in unlocking digital potential. Based in Dubai, we specialize in elevating businesses’ online presence across the Gulf Region. Our passion lies in crafting tailored digital marketing strategies, fostering growth, and maximizing visibility. With a dedicated team driven by innovation, we empower brands to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

We specialize in Social Media Marketing, Paid Media, E-commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing and Content Marketing.

vision statement

Company Vision

To become a leading digital marketing agency that empowers individuals fosters a sense of belonging and delivers exceptional results for our clients.

mission statement

Company Mission

At “The Share of Voice”, our mission is to provide a nurturing and collaborative work environment where our team members thrive, clients succeed, and creativity knows no bounds. We are dedicated to achieving marketing excellence through goodwill, empowerment, and innovation.

We are simply here to help you grow online!

Some of Our Clients

Our Team

Abdel Kader Jrab
CEO / Founder

Aya Ghuneim
PR & Communications Manager

Hani Shaaban
Operations Manager

Shady Mohamad
Business Development

Amina Housari
Social Media & Content Specialist

Elissya Abboud
Social Media & Content Specialist

Omar Agha
Marketing Officer

Hesham Atya
Senior SEO Specialist

Dalal Ghannam
Graphic Designer

Tayssir Choughari
Senior Web Developer

Haifaa Fatfat
Junior SEO Specialist

Marwa Kanaan
Senior Graphic Designer

Our Core Values

At the Share of Voice, our company culture is centered around collaboration, transparency, and inclusion. We believe that every team member has valuable insights and contributions to make, and we encourage open communication and active listening at all times. Our goal is to create a supportive environment where everyone feels empowered to share their ideas and perspectives.

In addition to fostering a collaborative atmosphere, we also prioritize transparency in our operations and decision-making processes. We believe that transparency builds trust and accountability, and we strive to keep all team members informed about the company’s goals, challenges, and progress.

We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace that values diversity and promotes equity. We recognize that a diverse team with varied experiences and backgrounds brings unique perspectives and strengths to the table, and we are dedicated to providing equal opportunities and support for all team members.